Aug 21, 2011

Why Does Tonight Feel Like Monday?

READY STEADY GO!  was a blast on Wednesday night! This is shaping up to be quite a fun weekly event. I think I mostly like it because it's really low key, like I said before Wednesdays are my Fridays so by the time they roll around I'm looking for something good to do. This is it.

I'm getting my passport, finally. How it is that I don't have one is beyond me but when I say I haven't been on vacation in YEARS I fucking mean it. It has been well over ten years since I've stepped on a plane and that's pretty sad if you ask me. Thankfully I'm changing that and going to Florida with the bf in a couple of months. We're going to meet his dad & step-mom (yikes! but awesome) and go to freaking DISNEY WORLD. I don't even care that I'm almost 30, this will be amazing. We are going to go to Universal Studios, too which is also going to rule. I'm basically a kid here, we'll see how long I make it before I start counting down sleeps.

This is the passport photo, I went today because I thought I looked sorta babely, but then of course put me in front of a stark white backdrop, tell me I can't wear lip gloss or smile and this is as good as it gets. The girl at Black's told me there was a possibility the photo could get rejected because it looks like I'm smiling. I can't help it. THIS IS JUST MY FACE, OK? So maybe I was trying to channel a little Tyra with an attempt at 'smiling with the eyes' because really? I'm not a criminal, I don't want my picture looking like a mugshot, thanks.

This tee shirt is pretty much every reason why I indulge in my inner mall rat from time to time. It's a tee shirt with a pug wearing huge glasses. It is incredible AND incredibly comfy. Double win.

This is the last thing I have to talk about. If you dig what I do, you can vote for me as 2010's best local DJ here in Toronto via NOW Magazine. I don't know if I actually have a shot at winning this thing, and that's alright but it'd be sweet to get a bunch of votes and make NOW realize that there are not just dance beat/electronic DJ's, but awesome rock DJ's too. I can make a packed dance floor move all night just as well if not better so hey! It'd be cool to get a lil' recognition around here. 

What you do, is go to THIS PAGE RIGHT HERE and vote DJ Misty Rock n' Roll under the Best Local DJ category. Alternately, you can just go right from to the BEST OF > Music section and vote from there. If you do, thank you!

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