Jan 19, 2015

Big Things 2015!

Happy New Year!! We're only a few weeks in and life is already awesome and exciting and busy. There's lots to look forward to, and lots to share with you. 

DJ Skate Nights are back at Harbourfront Centre and I'll be behind the decks this year reppin' Motown Party with Good Kids. It's free, family friendly and sure to be a lot of fun. I'll be there sipping hot chocolate and dj'ing Motown and soul hits along with DJ's Steve Rock & Caff on Saturday, January 24th. Can't wait!

Where else can you find me in 2015? I'm still a housing worker in a women's shelter by day, and forever brainstorming brilliant ways to combine my love of music with my passion for social and community work. More on that in a little bit! Truthfully, I won't be taking on as many DJ gigs this year but I'll still be found DJ'ing new rock, alternative, retro and guilty pleasures once a month at Velvet Underground for Born To Party and I'll be posting updates on facebook about when you'll be able to find me at Bovine Sex Club, Junction City Music Hall or parties like Shake Rattle & Roll @ Clinton's and Motown Party @ 751. 

The first party up on Saturday, January 31 is a rockabilly show at Junction City Music Hall with bands Christian D and the Hangovers, and Buzz Deluxe. I'll be making you bop in between and after with sets of rebellious rock n' roll.

You can also come and see me a couple times a week VIDEO DJ'ing! I'm the newest addition to the DJ team at Toronto's two premium dive bars, El Furniture Warehouse in the Annex and Queen St. Warehouse on Queen W.

El Furniture and it's sister spot Queen St. Warehouse have been a non-stop party ever since they opened their doors in Toronto in 2014, and they are just going to keep blowing up. I'll be there VIDEO dj'ing every week, and I'll be posting updates of when I'll be there on my facebook page. 

El Furniture DJ's Gee, Misty & Mike Angel
El Furniture DJ's Misty & Shel
DJ Misty & party animal, C.C. Top

What else is good? Well back to attempting to blend social/community work in with music: I decided to make an important purchase... I bought the domain, www.goodvibesradio.ca and am going to try branching out into online radio and a positive thinking/recovery blog! Ever since I DJ'ed 'The Demon's Lair' on CKLN 88.1FM here in Toronto, I've been itching to get back on the airwaves. Or in lieu of actual airwaves, I'll be happy to make some noise on your computers, tablets and phones. I want to use music and discussion to try and promote having a PMA (positive mental attitude). This project is in its verrrrrrrry early stages and will come along with a blog later this year. I'll keep you posted, but for now I feel so lucky that 2014 was everything that it was and that I received the love and support that I did. I want to keep that going into 2015 and hope you'll all come with me. X