Jun 29, 2009

Reelin' and Rockin'

Holy shit. I'm not going to blab incessantly about the death of Michael Jackson and although I could, I think the stories people have about their experiences with the artist are far more interesting. MJ came up over pints last night, as he seems to in almost every conversation on people's lips right now and I was asked not what I thought about his death but what my story was with him. Because everyone has one...just like every kid has that movie they become so obsessed with that is has to be replaced after they watch it too many times. I watched Michael Jackson's Moonwalker way, way too many times and it had to get replaced twice. That ties in greatly to some of my MJ memories as well...after all, I had my own red leather "Beat It" jacket even. I also remember playing the video game, Moonwalker through from start to finish, putting quarters in the arcade machine until the owner of the submarine shop caved and put the game on continuous play and just let me go at it. It was just what my wee mind needed, a way to fight bad guys with rad dance moves and I think it's safe to say that if the situation ever called for it, I'd possibly be a dance off rockstar. And it would all be thanks to Michael Jackson.

What else? I got an iphone for my birthday and despite resisting for so long I have to fess up, it's bloody brilliant. That being said, with it by my side I really am going to try and make an effort to take better care of this. It got warm out and I'm not going to pretend I was off saving the world or anything, but damn I've been busy. Getting ready to play Bang it Out's first (and last?) show next week, work, becoming constantly infatuated over endless beers and tunes as well as just general trouble making with some of my favourite folks have left me with hardly any time to sleep never mind blog, but I wouldn't even trade it for the rarest of rare records. Needless to say, expect to be hearing from me through computer, iphone or messenger pug a bit more often. I'll be trying my best at least. ;o)