Jun 27, 2011

Birthday, Housewarming, Antiques & Nobunny

What a weekend and boy, do I ever have stories and pictures ahead for you! On Friday, I turned a year older (and wiser?) and thought it best to celebrate with some excellent friends. The fact that Rob & I moved also called for a reason to party so we combined my Birthday with our housewarming soiree and made it a real memorable one. We set up the two turntables with a new mixer, so we could DJ right out of the apartment, and I got some new records (but of course!) and my favourite poster framed (pictures coming right up!). Combined with my very own espresso machine, a pair of ruby slippers to always guide me home and a few bottles of fun times I absolutely cleaned up on my 28th anniversary of life. Rob & I also splurged on a new MacBook Pro (FINALLY!) so I have a lot of toys to keep me busy for some time.
Rob DJ's the Birthday/Housewarming underneath my awesome (framed!) poster.
The weekend didn't stop on Friday night though, after the party we took it easy on Saturday and hit up the antiques at St. Lawrence Market on Sunday. We found a whole whack of rad stuff from new end tables, a cute mini pink martini shaker, records and 45's a plenty plus a cute tote to carry them in. New (old!) sunglasses and some other fun baubles rounded out our purchases and we went home with big smiles plastered across both of our faces. We napped before heading to the Nobunny show that night and proceeded to have the most fun at a show in a dog's age. If you have never seen or heard Nobunny, I strongly suggest you do before I post a whole new blog entry dedicated to him and Sunday night's show at Parts & Labour. Stay tuned for that, and in the meantime, here's one of my favourite Nobunny tracks, "Motorhead With Me."

So! Excited! To! Go! Antique! Shopping!
But that's not all! There is plenty more excitement to come as the celebrations continue. I've got some fun DJ gigs this week to look forward to and I hope you're excited too. Thursday night is the launch of GOOD VIBRATIONS over at 751 (751 Queen St. W.) where we play all the fun summer hits from the 50's, 60's and beyond for you to rock n' roll, dance and get into the summer spirit. Then to celebrate our awesome country we are gonna get down over at Crawford (718 College St.) Friday night for the all vinyl 50's & 60's dance party, Shindig! where I'll be dj'ing alongside funky favourites, DJ's Splattermonkey, Double K & General Eclectic. Summer fun!!

Jun 18, 2011


It's on! NXNE time means catching plenty of great bands, some flicks and of course, drinking until 4am. So far, my highlights have been during the free Yonge-Dundas Square shows, The Descendent's in particular were a fav. Tonight Devo's playing...DEVO!

It's also my first year not dj'ing all throughout the festival and that is plenty exciting (for me) in itself. I am working earrrrly a.m.'s this weekend though, hindering my ability to take part in bars serving until 4am, but we can't have it all. I'll manage. ;)

What shows have you been catching and who are you still planning to see?

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Jun 8, 2011

Look, Ma! I'm In The News!!

Look what I found on page 21 of this week's Xtra! Magazine...

"Later that night I cruised by the Drake for some Sailor Jerry rum shots with the promo girls. Misty was in fine form, handing out drinks and smiles all around. You may also know Misty as a kickass rock DJ, but (sheds tear) she has just recently retired from nightlife for a real job. The city let out a collective sigh at losing this one."

-Anna Pournikova, Xtra! June 2, 2011

Jun 5, 2011

I Return To The Bovine!

One Night Only! (For Now...?)

You like The Clash & Otis Redding but never get to hear both in the same night? Dion and the Belmonts & Iggy Pop? The Rolling Stones & Wanda Jackson?

Don't worry, I gotcha covered. xo.