Jan 27, 2010

Well Done!

So I made it all the way to 2010 without uttering a peep in the last half of the year. Yikes. We have some catching up to do only now I can do it in a mad flurry and will have no choice but to spare the boring stuff. Not too bad, eh?

So let's see. The past six or so months have brought love, the birth and hiatus of The Runway Lights (Bang It Out's baby), and some prolific Dj gigs that included dj'ing for thousands at Nathan Phillip's Square's Cavalcade of Lights to toot my own horn for a moment. Turning my full-time day job into part-time to accomodate an increase in gigs has by and far been my greatest accomplishment for 2009 and while the thought of dj'ing full-time never crossed my mind it's there now, wondering what if...or do I keep focused on my big kid career and what I went to school for? Ahhhh such is the deep exploration I must do and since there's no time like the present I suppose I'd better add it to the ol' to-do list of life so I can officially procastinate doing it along with the day to day stuff like laundry and doing dishes.

I'll keep you posted.