Sep 28, 2011

READY STEADY GO! Goes On Hiatus...For Now!

You definitely don't want to miss tonight's instalment of READY STEADY GO! because it's going to be the last one...for now. October kick starts many adventures for Rob and myself but the trade off is giving up our fun weekly rock n' roll party. That being said, you still have lots of chances to bust out your drinking garments; once a month at The Bovine Sex Club (second Thurs. of every month) as well as our popular monthly Mess Around at The Cloak & Dagger (second Sat. of every month). And in the meantime, come on by tonight. Tina Sixx will be there, the food and drink specials rule, and Rob and I are going to play the best rock n' roll, punk and soul tunes. See ya!

Sep 27, 2011

Dum Dum Girls - Bedroom Eyes

Woo! Their second album Only In Dreams comes out today on Sub Pop records and you can check out the brand spanking new video by garage indie pop darlings, Dum Dum Girls right here (or on youtube, whatever).

Lil' G

This past weekend I got to play model for my friend Jasin's awesome creation, Lil' G. Lil' G (short for "Little Ghettoblaster") is Jasin's vinyl toy brainchild of a way to combine art with a useful mp3 player, in a format that makes him feel tons of nostalgia; the boom box! Jasin made a prototype that has already been painted and modified to have a bunch of different looks although when I got my hands on it, it was all white. We took a bunch of pics around town in front of graffiti then called it quits to go get caffeinated. Here are a couple of the pics from our "photo session" none of which are to be taken too seriously ;). 

For more info about the Lil' G, check out its website right HERE.

Sep 26, 2011

Mixtape Monday: Mess Around

Alright. So you may remember this one from Mixtape Monday's past. BUT...the way it was hosted before meant that the songs couldn't mix into each other, they were individual tracks AND after you listened to the mix once, it would shuffle. HMPH! That being said, it is a pretty great mix and now you can listen to it the way it was intended. It has a lil' something for everyone...just like Rob & I's night on the second Saturday of every month at Cloak & Dagger Pub (394 College St.), also called MESS AROUND. Coincidence? I think not.

Track List
1. Ray Charles - Mess Around
2. Shirley Ellis - Rubber Dolly (The Clapping Song)
3. Etta James - Tell Mama
4. The Showstoppers - Ain't Nothin' But A Houseparty
5. The Isley Bros. - Twist & Shout
6. The Music Explosion - Little Bit O' Soul
7. ? & The Mysterians - Can't Get Enough Of You Baby
8. The Ramones - Let's Dance
9. The Exploding Hearts - I'm A Pretender

Sep 20, 2011


The cat is out of the bag! I am the official music g33k blogger for What the heck is G33KPRON? It's a nerd culture blog about games, comics, movies, gadgets, music, tattoos, cosplay, shows & hot geek chicks brought to you by an army of sexy, all female nerds. In other words, awesome. 

You can check out my first entry right HERE and keep checking back as there will be frequent updates!

We're the droids you're looking for.

Sep 19, 2011

Mixtape Monday - BOOM BOOM

Sorry for skipping Mixtape Monday last week, though I promise it wasn't my fault. I was having some issues with Soundcloud but with some slight trickery I was able to overcome them. Now, regarding the trickery, it comes by way of a bit of a cheesy intro on the mix but hey, whatever works. This mix is a set of all sixties and garage tunes, that I dig and will hopefully make your Monday that much better.

Track List:
1. The Animals - Boom Boom
2. The Nashville Teens - Tobacco Road
3. The Sonics - You Got Your Head On Backwards
4. Rocky & The RIddlers - You Weren't Using Your Head
5. The Retreds - Black Mona Lisa
6. The Renegades - 13 Women
7. The Electric Prunes - Too Much To Dream Last Night
8. Love - Seven & Seven Is

Sep 15, 2011

The Spits

The Spits are coming! The Spits are coming! I've got my tickets!! Sept 23 & 24. Stoked!!

Sep 12, 2011

Birthday Weekend a Go-Go

Rob's Birthday weekend was a real hoot! I am a last minute sort of bird so I got his gift on Friday (the day before his Birthday) - not because I'm lazy - but because I knew if I got his present any sooner I'd burst with excitement and not be able to wait to give it to him. It's a good thing I waited too, as soon as he got home from work Friday night I made him open it up.

He's been quite the photo buff as of late and been taking really neat photos with both his point and click digital camera and iPhone, but as long as I've known Rob he's been saying he'd love to get a digital SLR. Well, now he has one. He was stoked and has been shooting with it non stop since Friday night. Success!

On Saturday, I wanted to make sure he had a great Birthday. We didn't do anything extravagant, but enjoyed spending the day together. We hit up Sneaky Dee's for a late lunch and basically ate until we were ready to burst. The only thing that saved us from totally feeling like a pair of beached whales was the awesome bike ride we went on afterwards.

After eating enough food to feed a small village, the awesome bike ride and a nap, we were ready to MESS AROUND at our local watering hole, The Cloak & Dagger. We DJ'ed up a storm and partied hard. There were shenanigans I can't even discuss here but if the rubber duckie below is any indication, just know that good times were had.

Sep 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rob!

Sorry for the delay in updating, the Bovine was a blast on Thursday night and I paid for it yesterday. Today is something else though, it is my awesome and oft mentioned boyfriend's Birthday. We're spending the day together and I'm spoiling him rotten. Rob's Birthday also falls on our monthly MESS AROUND over at Cloak & Dagger where we're gonna rip it up like it's Saturday night (and we just got paid). You're welcome to join - there may be party hats.

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Sep 6, 2011

Happy First Day Of School

I kind of miss going back to school, I really do. My little brother starts his first day of high school today...and while he probably thinks the White Stripes are lame, I love them and can't help but think of this song on the first day back.

Update: I spoke to (or rather, texted) my lil' brother and he was loving his first day of high school. Not nervous at all, the kid's got swag (as they say).

Sep 5, 2011

Mixtape Monday: Mmmhmmm!

 Mmmhmmm by djmistyrocknroll

Funky, soulful divas is the theme of this week's Mixtape Monday! From Gloria Jones to Marva Whitney, I gotcha covered with women who have somethin' to say.

Listen here or check out/download the mix from:

1. Gloria Jones - Tainted Love
2. The Supremes - Can't Hurry Love
3. Shirley Ellis - Rubber Dolly (The Clapping Song)
4. Little Esther Phillips - Mojo Hannah
5. Aretha Franklin - Chain Of Fools
6. Etta James & Yvonne Fair - In The Basement
7. Yvonne Fair - Say Yeah Yeah
8. Marva Whitney - What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You

MESS AROUND: Rob's Birthday Edition!

In the craziest of coincidences, Rob's Birthday falls on the same day as our monthly Mess Around at the legendary Cloak & Dagger (394 College St.). This means you must come out to have lots of drinks and listen to many great Punk, Garage, Soul & Rock n' Roll songs brought to you by the Birthday boy and myself. It will be fun times, seriously. xo.

Sep 3, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday, Missfit!

This may seem a bit lame but I don't care. It's my pug Missfit's Birthday today, dammit. I know she's just a dog and doesn't know any better but I still like to spoil the shit out of her on her special day. I have an extra big T-R-E-A-T with her name on it, some special food for her when she wakes up and of course we'll have to go on an adventure. I'm thinking either Toronto Island, High Park or an afternoon at her old stomping grounds, Trinity Bellwoods. 

Regardless of where we go tomorrow (or any other day for that matter) I always try and make sure she's happy. Lots of kisses, belly rubs and snuggles because she's an awesome little dog who never fails to bring a smile to my face. Now that she's six, she's been getting a little on the grey side (on her chin, ilke a beard) and isn't as hyper but ask anyone in the building and they'll tell you she still has her crazed puppy moments. In tribute to Missfit here is a collection of pictures from the past few years. Cute, huh? :o)

Missfit after coming home, 3 months old!

Cough Cough