Dec 22, 2011

9 Years Has Gone So Fast

I can't believe it but it's been nine years since Joe Strummer (of The Mescaleros and The Clash though you knew that) passed away. Wow. I miss you and your music, Joe. I wish I could have seen you live though I will never forget the first time I put a Clash record on my turntable when I was in high school. You blew my mind then, and still continue to do so through your music. RIP Joe Strummer, we miss you.

Dec 12, 2011

Can't Sleep Rob Ford Will Eat Me

UGGHH Just as I was about to post my Christmas wish list, I get inundated with images of Toronto mayor Rob Ford dressed up to play his part in The Nutcracker Suite. I can and will have nightmares from this, dammit. Talk about bringing all new meaning to "can't sleep clown will eat me."

Dec 5, 2011

Santa, Baby

The Christmas tree is up and the apartment is full of Christmas carols. I put my Christmas iTunes playlist on shuffle and was pretty impressed that I have just about every musical genre represented for the holidays; punk rock, soul, doo wop, rockabilly, garage, country and so on. Neat-o. 

Just in case you've ever wondered what a DJ's Christmas tree looks like, well now you know. It has ornaments of records, ornaments from my mom that say 'DJ Misty Rock n' Roll', ornaments that I've made as a kid and ornaments from when I was a kid. Christmas has always been a pretty big deal growing up and I'm no stickler for tradition but there are just some things that I hold dear. The house always feels more like home this time of year when it smells like cinnamon and the tree lights are sparkling. The carols are playing, here's one of my favourites...

Dec 3, 2011


I know I know. I have been the worst with updates on Blame it on Christmas! I mean really, how is it already December anyway? Beats me but I'm realizing I need to get on overdrive if I want to get everything on my to do list, done. My only saving graces this month (except for the big Christmas Day itself) are my two DJ nights. Yes, you read that right...TWO. TWO. This is normally the time of year I'm dj'ing 'round the clock every single damn night but no, not this year. Last year I basked in the glory of not working retail for the first year since I was a teen, and this year I'm basking in the glory of GOING to Christmas parties instead of DJ'ing them. Oh, and the big kid job too. Getting Christmas ready in a shelter of women with all different backgrounds and faiths is fascinating. I love celebrating and learning about celebrations from around the world because the best gift I can ever receive is knowledge! I'm a cornball, but it's true.

ANYWAYS, come out to my DJ nights for some festive cheer, I love DJ'ing around Christmas because I get to bust out all my holiday fav's. I have a lot of fun novelty Christmas songs that give me the giggles all year 'round but this is the only season suitable for playing them out. I'll also be playing other favourites that aren't holiday related. My two DJ night holiday cheer kicks off on Thursday Dec. 8 at Bovine Sex Club (542 Queen St. W.) where I'll be playing rock n' roll classics from the 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond both on digital and VINYL. Then you can come by Cloak & Dagger (394 College St.) on Saturday Dec. 10 for great swingin' hits DJ'ed by the TeenageWerewolf and myself. Sweet. :o)