Nov 13, 2013

Nov 7, 2013

Around the Continent in 31 Days

Whew! If October was any indication, life is crazy and busy and awesome. In the span of one month my toes have been lucky enough to touch down in Halifax, Los Angeles and NYC in addition to my home here in Toronto. With that much excitement, it's going to be really hard to slow down now that I'm back so I think I'll just stay busy with great things. 

Flying over Manhattan/NYC and gee are my arms tired!

Starting with my big kid job! I recently moved from being a community housing worker with a rotating schedule that included many mind numbing graveyard shifts to a 9-5 housing worker position. What that means is now I'm working one on one with clients in the shelter to help them find, secure and keep housing. It also means I do a lot of fighting and advocating for safe, affordable housing here in Toronto. 

I'm keeping plenty busy with DJ gigs too, and you'll be able to find me getting a party started every week! Starting off November is one of my best girlfriend's big 30th birthday party. It's happening this Saturday night at Velvet Underground, where her and I spent many a night in our early twenties trying to master our best pseudo-goth dance moves and this weekend we're busting them back out. If you join us, you can expect lots of retro 80's and 90's, new rock and alternative and maybe a lil bit of goth goodness to remind us that we were BORN TO PARTY!

Pics or it didn't happen




There's so many more that I'll keep adding over the next little bit, plus some from a couple earlier trips over the summer that I took. NYC, LA... I love them both but Toronto is my home, sweet home. xo.