Aug 27, 2011

Let's Go To The EX!

Wednesday night was host to one of the most spectacular lightning shows I've ever seen though when it was accompanied by the pouring rain and a tornado watch, I was a bit worried that it wouldn't bode well for that night's READY STEADY GO! or that the weather would prevent us from going to the CNE on Thursday. Well, neither were anything to worry about as it ended up being one of the busiest READY STEADY GO!'s yet and the weather was perfect on Thursday.

 Upon arriving, it was important to get a tasty snack that you can't just get all the time. Dippin' Dots was the winning choice, here's mine with a chocolate/choc. chip cookie dough combo.

Then it was off to the midway and rides, I always stop and stare like I'm stunned when I first enter the many flashing lights, things happening, games, toys and shouting carnival workers. 

First it's the staring and contemplating where to begin, and then it's serious picture taking time as you can see in the next image. This is my serious picture taking stance.

The haunted mansion was always a favourite growing up. I'm not sure why I never go on it anymore, maybe I'm afraid I won't get scared like I used to? Although, I was never *really* scared, I would just pretend so that I could grip my dad's shirt really tight and he could feel tough.

 Another ride that used to be one of my favourites is the Starship 4000. The last time I went on it there was no line so I rode it a whole bunch of times in a row. When the ride started spinning I would position myself upside down to prove how fearless I was and while I may have been my stomach did not agree. This is the ride I can say I have rode until I puked. Yep. Never again.

The other highlight to going to the CNE this year was for all the deep fried food. I mean, the CNE has always been a heart attack waiting to happen with treats like chocolate covered bacon but this year vendors were pulling out all the stops with deep fried everything. Butter, chocolate bars, macaroni & cheese, cheese curds, Coca Cola, Kool-Aid and who only knows what else. Here was one of the deep frying stations where we looked and I swear I gained about 500 calories just smelling the stuff we were NOT brave enough to eat.

Inside the food building were these haute couture corn doggies. HEY little buddies! NICE HATS!!

I don't eat corn dogs, though, but I do love corn. So this was my CNE treat of treats. Mmmm...

And that just about wrapped it up. I also bought a candy apple because I regretted not getting one last year and I did not want to make that mistake again. The important lessons we learn.

(photos by me and R.F.)

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