Mar 4, 2009

The Casualties are the Cockroaches of Punk Rock

This is weird right now. I'm sitting in what used to be one of the first places I ever dj'ed and is now a coffee chain. I'm sipping my cafe mocha and one of those cheesy flashback moments hits. They always do when you're in a familiar place that is now something completely different. The last time I was inside here, I was dj'ing after coming off of a herbal detox cleanse whatchamacallit. After no consumption of alcohol (as per the instructions) for a whole month, all it took was two beers in and wow, I was gone. I had "Livin' on a Prayer" blaring for a room of dancing people who incidentally loved booze and Bon Jovi.

From the first time I hit the play button while my friends listened, to now having a new spot to grab coffee on the way to band practice one thing has stayed the same throughout. I'm pretty much always doing something. My life is never dull. I don't do boring. Cliche cliche cliche. So I blog....if even to keep track of myself.