Mar 31, 2012


So you can tell I'm not posting here as much these days and that's not a bad thing because I am posting all kinds of music related goodness on the blog, G33KPRON which I've talked about on here before. It's a nerd culture blog written by awesome geeky women like myself and also features galleries of some very sexy geeks. So if you are reading this, go check it out and feel free to add your feedback in the comments section there. You can also email me any tips, or if you're in a band you can always send your info to,

We're The Droids you were looking for.

Otherwise, my life has been rather peachy. I'm finishing up my last round of overnight shifts for a long time which is a relief (and comes just in time for summer!). I'm still dj'ing monthly nights at the Bovine & Cloak & Dagger and will be dj'ing the occasional upcoming gig of awesome in the near future too; so keep an eye (and ear!) open for me at some of the upcoming Motown parties among others. I have a much needed vacation coming up to visit sunny California, I'll be spending a week in L.A. and San Diego. Have you been? Tell me where to go! I'll take lots of pics and post them here when I get back though in the meanwhile you'll have to keep up with my goings on by reading G33KPRON. See you all soon. :)