Jul 14, 2009

Punk Rock Really is Forgiving!

We pulled it off! The band succeeded in playing our first show, and we didn't do too badly a job of it despite the bummers from the post below. Exclaiming that I've sold my soul to rock n' roll may sound a bit redundant, but Lemmy only knows I've been preaching the gospels of it eagerly enough, so I guess it was time it paid off by way of playing a really, fun gig. Plus the Creeps and Fear of Lipstick were both incredible and there is something to be said for how good it feels in my stomach (smushed in there with the jitters, beer and nervous butterflies) to play with bands I totally love listening to.

The rest of the night, shit, the rest of the weekend was a total blur of madness and bad habits. Thursday night;
dj'ed the Bloodshot Bill & Raygun Cowboys show. It was probably one of my best dj nights in awhile, I think it's because I've been really listening to a lot of bluesy, soulful, old, good, r&b, rock n' roll tracks as of late and it was just the perfect show to fill up The Bovine with my latest favourites. Friday night was the show that I played with Bang it Out and that was a night my liver will never forget. Saturday I was on again; dj'ing at The Cloak and having a blast with lots of older tracks which the crowd really dug. By the time Sunday woke me up, I was on vacation. I headed to the park with the pug, PBR's and some fantastic company and had myself a marvelous day of not doing anything particularly laborious.

Monday meant back to work and so The
Boomtown Rats went on the record player and while I still really, really didn't like Mondays I felt pretty darn good about it all.

Jul 10, 2009

Bang it Out bangs....TONIGHT!

Punk Rock save me for I have sinned. I think I've gone over Bang it Out's set list in my apartment, guitar at the ready about a hundred times and hoping that practice really does make perfect and we will somehow fall together and sound exactly as we're supposed to. We've had a bit of a trial getting to the show as far as getting practices in with everyone on board (hasn't happened in awhile), securing gear and keeping our voices but I honestly think that at this point, so long as we don't all electrocute ourselves on stage (though what a light show that could be! rock n' roll!) I think we should manage. And even if we don't, I reckon that Punk Rock is a mighty forgiving friend and when all else fails, there's always beer.

Jun 29, 2009

Reelin' and Rockin'

Holy shit. I'm not going to blab incessantly about the death of Michael Jackson and although I could, I think the stories people have about their experiences with the artist are far more interesting. MJ came up over pints last night, as he seems to in almost every conversation on people's lips right now and I was asked not what I thought about his death but what my story was with him. Because everyone has one...just like every kid has that movie they become so obsessed with that is has to be replaced after they watch it too many times. I watched Michael Jackson's Moonwalker way, way too many times and it had to get replaced twice. That ties in greatly to some of my MJ memories as well...after all, I had my own red leather "Beat It" jacket even. I also remember playing the video game, Moonwalker through from start to finish, putting quarters in the arcade machine until the owner of the submarine shop caved and put the game on continuous play and just let me go at it. It was just what my wee mind needed, a way to fight bad guys with rad dance moves and I think it's safe to say that if the situation ever called for it, I'd possibly be a dance off rockstar. And it would all be thanks to Michael Jackson.

What else? I got an iphone for my birthday and despite resisting for so long I have to fess up, it's bloody brilliant. That being said, with it by my side I really am going to try and make an effort to take better care of this. It got warm out and I'm not going to pretend I was off saving the world or anything, but damn I've been busy. Getting ready to play Bang it Out's first (and last?) show next week, work, becoming constantly infatuated over endless beers and tunes as well as just general trouble making with some of my favourite folks have left me with hardly any time to sleep never mind blog, but I wouldn't even trade it for the rarest of rare records. Needless to say, expect to be hearing from me through computer, iphone or messenger pug a bit more often. I'll be trying my best at least. ;o)

Apr 22, 2009


Whoa. I should be getting ready to go see Lily Allen but I can't pry myself away from watching this on my computer. Damn.

Mar 4, 2009

The Casualties are the Cockroaches of Punk Rock

This is weird right now. I'm sitting in what used to be one of the first places I ever dj'ed and is now a coffee chain. I'm sipping my cafe mocha and one of those cheesy flashback moments hits. They always do when you're in a familiar place that is now something completely different. The last time I was inside here, I was dj'ing after coming off of a herbal detox cleanse whatchamacallit. After no consumption of alcohol (as per the instructions) for a whole month, all it took was two beers in and wow, I was gone. I had "Livin' on a Prayer" blaring for a room of dancing people who incidentally loved booze and Bon Jovi.

From the first time I hit the play button while my friends listened, to now having a new spot to grab coffee on the way to band practice one thing has stayed the same throughout. I'm pretty much always doing something. My life is never dull. I don't do boring. Cliche cliche cliche. So I blog....if even to keep track of myself.