Jul 26, 2022


It's been awhile, a LONG while! Life has carried on of course, but this website not so much. You can keep up with all of my adventures in Japan as a new mom as well as all things music, DJ'ing and record store related throughout my various social media channels. Facebook and Instagram (@djmisty & @fujiiyamamama) are my two main social media accounts as well as my website/blog and the record store's site. Check em out and keep in touch!

My site: www.fujiiyamamama.com

Night Beat Records: www.nightbeatrecords.com

Jan 28, 2020

Nude Restaurant, Kobe Japan

It has been a long time dream to DJ the world famous northern soul party in Kobe, Japan called NUDE RESTAURANT and I did it! I had a great time and despite the name, nobody gets naked lol. 

This is a great article about Nude Restaurant that really shows you how amazing and special this party is!

Jan 1, 2020


Tune in every week for a collection of some of the killer vintage 45's available at Night Beat Records, as well as some of my own! You can listen live every Monday on www.radiocore.org at 7pm PST/10pm EST or 12pm noon on Tuesdays in Japan. If you miss the live show, tune in anytime by going to www.mixcloud.com/nightbeatradio

Sep 8, 2019

Upcoming Gigs

Check out my upcoming events page, it's been updated to reflect my events here in Japan. Over the next couple of months I'll be DJ'ing in Osaka, Kyoto & Tokyo so I would love to see anyone who's in the country then!

Also, stay tuned... I'm returning to Toronto at the end of November/early December and am going to make a few appearances!

You'll be able to see me first in Toronto at HANDLEBAR in Kensington Market on Friday, November 29th for my big welcome home bash. I can't wait to see you all!!

Nov 23, 2018

I Miss You!

What a fun summer and fall it's been! I spent 3 months in a cast for a broken foot and still managed to DJ so many wonderful weddings and events. The cast came off, I spent nearly a month in Japan and now I'm back in Toronto and haven't slowed down for a second. In fact, last night I even DJ'ed the 3rd annual Shelter Movers Gala, which was a perfect way for me to combine the two things I'm most passionate about; social work and DJ'ing.

So in other words, life is good and I am forever grateful. I know I need to update more soon and can't wait to post more pictures from my latest trip to Japan; from DJ'ing The Halloween Ball in Tokyo to THE BEAT in Osaka, it was truly memorable and I want to share it all with you.

If you don't already follow me on instagram (@djmisty) - please do! It's more of a real time snapshot into my life and you can always see what I'm up to there. Same goes for my Facebook page, I keep that up to date with all my upcoming events and parties.

I have lots of parties to add to my site ASAP, but you can catch me next at Handlebar on Friday December 14 for DOO LANG an all vinyl party featuring women in soul, vintage r&b and rock n' roll (with some songs playing tribute to women as well). Let's dance!!


May 9, 2018

Long Time No See...

But I'm keeping busy DJ'ing, always happy, travelling and up to big plans! 

Stay tuned and see you soon!!

Nov 30, 2017

DJ Misty on VRA Monday Night Radio in LA!

I had a blast in Los Angeles! I got to see some of my favourite sights, friends and was so lucky to get to DJ alongside James (Night Beat Records) with the Beat Bait gang at Footsies as well as with the Vinyl Record Association on radiocore.org!

You can tune into the show on Radiocore where I play a set, James plays a set X 2 and then we go back and forth together! You don't want to miss this!!

VRA DJ's: Zorch, James, Misty & Astro 138 on www.radiocore.org