Jan 13, 2012

RIP Jay Reatard: Better Than Something

*originally posted for www.g33kpron.com

It was exactly two years ago today that musician, Jimmy Lee Lindsay Jr. aka Jay Reatard was found dead in his home. Love him or hate him, he left behind a legacy of great music that makes you wonder what he would have gone on to do if he lived beyond his 29 years.

I've only gotten a chance to see Jay Reatard once, and it was a very short show. That was because two or three songs into his set, he punched an audience member and stormed off stage. To be fair, the dude had been harassing the band and when he went so far as to unplug Jay's guitar, that was it. Socked right in the head. I would have done the same thing. 

I wish I could have had a chance to see Jay Reatard again especially since his last album, 'Watch Me Fall' was released a few months before he died. Some of the album's song titles read like premonitions to the musician's fate, such as; "It Ain't Gonna Save Me," "Can't Do It Anymore" and "There Is No Sun."

Check out this trailer for the feature documentary about the controversial and prolific garage rocker from Memphis, Tennessee entitled, 'Better Than Something' and visit the website here.