Feb 2, 2011


I can barely contain my excitement, my ALL TIME favourite bar manager has JUST OPENED UP HER OWN BAR. My homegirl Jasmine used to manage the one and only QUEENSHEAD Pub, as well as 751 and without her, who knows if I'd be dj'ing! She helped me get my start by trusting me to know good tunes, and let me DJ The Queenshead without ever even hearing me spin. So because all good things must come full circle, it only makes sense that I would be lucky enough to bring some killer tunes to her new bar.

CRAWFORD is located at 718 College St. just west of Ossington and right by The Mod Club. You'll also recognize some of your old 751 staff favourites like Ian Bobby & Jenna who have signed on as co-owners and shit, the only thing more exciting than that is coming to dance to killer 90's R&B downstairs w/ DJ HJ and motown & 1950's dance party favourites with me upstairs this coming Tuesday. OPENING PARTY! Don't miss it!!