Jul 25, 2011

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

Oh, Amy. :o(

You had a talent and an appreciation for music unlike the majority of pop musicians today. You wrote your own songs, heard how you wanted them to sound and told the powers that be how you wanted your album to come out as opposed to the other way around. You had the soul of Otis Redding, the sass of Etta James and a voice all your own. You didn't have to die to be a legend.

The first time I heard you, I thought you were a voice from another time. I was mesmerized by the song, "Back To Black" because I was so sure it was some 60's girl group that I was stunned I'd never heard before. I loved you, dj'ed the heck out you and hoped you'd turn around, get better and release another album.

I'm sorry that didn't happen, and I'm sorry that such an incredible talent is no longer with this world. At only 27, you've joined the elusive rock n' roll club that boasts members like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain (who also all died before turning 28). Thankfully, we have your albums so your voice will live on even though your pain and struggles have been put to rest.

Jul 11, 2011


This Thursday! Come by the Bovine Sex Club at 542 Queen St. West for Rock n' Roll in the front with bands Crookedhook, The Old Wives, Dani Jean & The Weekend Kids and DJ Misty (me!) in the back. I'll be spinning rock n' roll, oldies, requests, whatever! Let's have fun because with my current work rotation, Thursday IS my Saturday night. So let's party!!

Teenage X - Drink! Dance! Destroy!

Teenage X have been on the punk rock n' roll circuit for awhile now, but only recently released their debut album, Drink! Dance! Destroy! I'll be more frank than a wiener here; this album rules. Straight up, it's been my go to for summer nights home alone when I just want to blare my music loud and sing along even louder. Front woman and local band veteran Sarah Page has some mighty chops to her and you've more than likely seen (or heard me DJ) her old band, The Threat at local gigs. The rest of the band (Rich on guitar, Phil on bass and Mikey on drums) know their way around their instruments pretty damn well too and manage to pull of sounding super tight both recorded and live. The album has nine songs that whip by in only twenty one minutes but I've had no problems putting this baby on repeat because it still isn't losing its charm. 

Drink! Dance! Destroy! stays upbeat and infectious throughout but has enough versatility to keep me interested. It has just the right amount of speedy punk rock tracks like Fast Machine and Say What You Want but I'll confess, it's more the power pop almost eighties sounding songs that have me hooked. While Chelsea Horror Hotel may be a little snottier than anything Blondie's ever recorded, if Teenage X were around in the late seventies/early eighties they definitely would have given Ms. Harry and her boys a run for their money. Losin' It and Boom are the two ballads that despite the lack the cheese, you could have told me they were released in 1983 and I'd believe you. In fact, the latter of the two would have been the ideal song for the prom I never went to. I can actually imagine it in a movie with Molly Ringwald as she stares at the hunk from across the dance floor and the band tears into this little number about wanting to get it on. Finally, what's a record without a good sing-a-long? Wasted is it and to prove my theory that it should be this summer's official drinking song I DJ'ed it at one of my larger club nights for a crowd of early twenty somthing inebriated women and had them belting along to the chorus, "Waaaaaasted! I'm wasted again!" while jumping up and down. Mission accomplished! Needless to say, Drink! Dance! Destroy! ought to have something for everyone who has an ear for rock n' roll regardless of who you are and if you get a chance to see them live, do. Teenage X have never disappointed. 

Photo Credit: Rob Ferraz
Give Teenage X a listen at www.myspace.com/teenagex

Jul 3, 2011


Not a word of a lie, the Nobunny show was the most fun I've had in a dog's age. I sang, I danced and I pogo-ed with a crowd who unlike the usual cold Toronto welcome, threw Nobunny into their eager arms and couldn't have been any closer to the action. At one point, the singer/Nobunny himself had to sheepishly ask the crowd to move back a little; not to stop anyone's good time but it was getting awful hot in the Parts & Labour basement (also called, "The Shop") and if we kept up our advances he'd have to perform perched on top of the drums and well, that wouldn't be nearly as fun as having him run around while everyone sang along at the top of their lungs. If you haven't gotten a chance to see Nobunny live, you really should. His songs are a perfect mix of low-fi garage, bubblegum and punk, with his live set even more frenetic than his recorded releases. Not that they are lacking in energy...anything but. However, seeing Nobunny live is seeing and hearing the energy right in front of you...leather jacket, underwear, bunny mask and all. 


*ALL PHOTOS BY: Misty Hill & Rob Ferraz. Please do not use w/o permission!

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