Mar 16, 2013

SOLIDARITY SOIREE / Thursday March 21 / The Augusta House - 152A Augusta Ave.

Remember that time I "retired" from DJ'ing to work full time in a women's shelter?

Welllll we all know how the "retirement" worked out but anyone who knows me also knows how much I love my "big kid" job. Unfortunately, for the past month 70 of my co-workers and I have been on strike, trying to negotiate a fair contract with our management team. It was a long, frustrating process and one that has left us all without our regular income for the past month, but at last! We have a contract and will be returning to work on Monday. Phew!! That being said, we started organizing an epic fundraiser all the same, and the show must go on!!

Come on out, we are still hoping to raise funds to recoup some of the money lost but even more than that we are now having a celebration. We told our management team that we would not settle and we stood in solidarity with one another on the picket lines and behind the scenes to achieve a fair contract.

There will be comedy, prizes, music and a good time. I also want to take the night to appreciate my strong co-workers, and my friends and family who stood by and offered support and kind words throughout the strike. It's also going to be my last "hurrah" for a little while! Now that I'm back at work the flurry of DJ gigs will slow down and you won't see me out and about *quite* as much.

So see youon Thursday, In Solidarity!

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