Sep 12, 2011

Birthday Weekend a Go-Go

Rob's Birthday weekend was a real hoot! I am a last minute sort of bird so I got his gift on Friday (the day before his Birthday) - not because I'm lazy - but because I knew if I got his present any sooner I'd burst with excitement and not be able to wait to give it to him. It's a good thing I waited too, as soon as he got home from work Friday night I made him open it up.

He's been quite the photo buff as of late and been taking really neat photos with both his point and click digital camera and iPhone, but as long as I've known Rob he's been saying he'd love to get a digital SLR. Well, now he has one. He was stoked and has been shooting with it non stop since Friday night. Success!

On Saturday, I wanted to make sure he had a great Birthday. We didn't do anything extravagant, but enjoyed spending the day together. We hit up Sneaky Dee's for a late lunch and basically ate until we were ready to burst. The only thing that saved us from totally feeling like a pair of beached whales was the awesome bike ride we went on afterwards.

After eating enough food to feed a small village, the awesome bike ride and a nap, we were ready to MESS AROUND at our local watering hole, The Cloak & Dagger. We DJ'ed up a storm and partied hard. There were shenanigans I can't even discuss here but if the rubber duckie below is any indication, just know that good times were had.

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