Nov 13, 2014

MOJO WORKOUT - All-Star Edition!

True Fact: Nights like these are the reason I wanted to become a DJ. 

I would go to people's vinyl DJ nights when I was in my late teens and early twenties and watch in awe as the cool kids compared killer record and 45 collections while simultaneously setting the dance floor on fire with their perfectly timed selections. I wanted to be part of that cool club so bad....

And now here I am. I don't think I'm any cooler than I ever was but there aren't very many parties in this city anywhere near as cool as DJ Chico's, MOJO WORKOUT. Friday night, I'll be bringing my own killer selection of 45's and joining 6 of my favourite DJ's and record collectors to nerd out behind the decks and make a room full of the best people dance the night away. So make sure your plans include popping by The Yukon on Queen St. W. because everytime I've ever been there the night has turned into a house party where everyone at the bar becomes friends. 

The first time I DJ'ed MOJO WORKOUT w/ DJ's Chico and Sean Dean

Records, killer DJ's, dancing and the best people becoming the best friends. Sounds like a pretty perfect start to the weekend!! RSVP: here

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