Nov 5, 2011

My (Not So) Secret Identity

I'm getting ready for work and marvelling at the fact that I feel a little bit like a superhero. Well, minus the hero part...but there's no doubt that I wear a few different hats. The biggest contrast comes from when I work at the women's shelter during the day, then go to DJ at night. It's like going from a frumpy baseball cap to a fascinator that would make even the Queen Mum blush.  I can't lie, it's both wonderful and exhausting especially when one bleeds into the other but I always get a burst of energy at the end of my shift, and getting to go DJ is always what I'm in the mood for. Tonight I'm especially excited, I get to play music that is my favourite for dancing...sixties Motown and soul all night long AND I'm not the only DJ which rules. I get to play awesome tunes and dance away as well.  Killer! Here's hoping you'll want to come dance with me tonight but if you do...get there early! The last time I DJ'ed this party I had bummed out pals who didn't get up getting in because they came a little too late to be fashionable and got stuck outside in line all night. Don't let that happen to you! Come before midnight if you wanna get in and let's party, because there ain't no party like a Motown Party!

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