Apr 15, 2011

I Miss Joey Ramone

It's hard to believe that ten years have gone so quickly, but it has been a decade since Punk Rock legend Joey Ramone passed away. I remember taking the news of his death back when I was 17 pretty hard. Maybe if I'd been a little older, Kurt Cobain's death would have been the first to induce tears but it was Joey Ramone's passing that was my first rockstar death to be followed by immense heartache. The day he died, I dressed my baby brother (then 4) and I alike in matching Ramones tee's, and we wailed around the house with cries of, "HEY HO! LET'S GO!" much to our mother's chagrin. 

I don't have to wax on about the legacy that is Mr. Ramone and the band he sang for, but as one of the first punk rock bands I ever remember hearing and singing along to I can speak on the fact that The Ramones have left an everlasting imprint on my ears, heart and rock & roll music as I know it. Tonight at Velvet Underground (510 Queen St. W.) I'll be including some Ramones to pay tribute to one of the best front men/vocalists alongside the rest of the best 80's, 90's, new rock & alternative that you can dance to. 

Here's hoping you'll join me tonight at the club so we can ALL shout along to Blitzkrieg Bop and remember the one and only, Joey Ramone.

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