Aug 23, 2010

Mixtape Monday: MmmHmm!

 Before I pop over to Disgraceland for one of my favourite DJ nights (all vinyl no beats from the boys over at Know Your Product) I thought I would post my first mixtape. I was listening to this as I was getting ready and shakin' my butt for the mirror so I think it's only fitting that you can do the same. 

These are some of the best female vocalists shredding their vocal chords and belting out some of my all time favourite soul and boogaloo tracks. 


1. Gloria Jones - Tainted Love (1964)
2. Diana Ross & The Supremes - You Can't Hurry Love (1966) 
3. Shirley Ellis - Rubber Dolly (The Clapping Song) (1965) 
4. Esther Phillips - MoJo Hannah (1964) 
5. Aretha Franklin - Chain of Fools (1967) 
6. Etta James - In The Basement (1966) 
7. Yvonne Fair - Say Yeah Yeah (1963) 
8. Jean Knight - Mr. Big Stuff (1971)

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