Feb 2, 2010

Playlist: The Week The Music Died

This is the week the music died. More specifically, tomorrow is "The Day The Music Died". The day 51 years ago that JP "Big Bopper" Richardson, Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens perished in a plane crash during their Winter Dance Party tour. They were 28, 22 and 17. Of course there have been countless other rock n' roll deaths that have occured way too soon, and I can barely begin to scratch the surface on the musicians who have been an incredible influence on what music has become and been.

But here in Toronto, there is another death in the music scene and that is with the closing of our Big Bop. The Big Bop has been a massive purple building sitting on the S-E corner of Queen and Bathurst streets, housing rock venues; The Kathedral, The Reverb & Holy Joes which served as a refuge for underage music fanatics. It was here that people of all ages could see their favourite bands play or, have a place for their own band to perform. I dedicate this week's playlist, a tribute to some of the musicans who have died too soon, to The Big Bop and the underage music fanatics who may well go on to become a Buddy Holly or even a Jay Reatard of sorts in their own right.

The Big Bopper - Little Red Riding Hood
Ritchie Valens - Donna
Buddy Holly - Dearest
Bobby Fuller - Let Her Dance
Marc Bolan (T. Rex) - One Inch Rock
Keith Moon (The Who) - My Generation
Jay Reatard - It Ain't Gonna Save Me
Darby Crash (The Germs) - Lexicon Devil
Bon Scott (AC/DC) - Rocker
Eddie Cochran - Nervous Breakdown
Ritchie Valens - Ooh! My Head
Johnny Burnette - Little Boy Sad
Hank Williams - Ramblin' Man

Buddy Holly - Not Fade Away

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